Getting Started Guide

  1. What is RankSheet for Employers?
    • RankSheet for Employers is a technology platform for recruiters working in corporates and consultancy. Using our service, recruiters can post unlimited job openings, Employers get a free company career page where they can add their jobs and other company details.
  2. How to create a Job Posting?
    • Under "Hiring" in Employer Dashboard, recruiters can find the link "Jobs". Click Jobs to view the list of jobs posted already. To create a new job post, click Create job Post and complete all the mandatory fields. Once the job is published, the details can be seen in your company career page. Recruiters can post unlimited jobs.
  3. Can I upload my company logo?
  4. What are Tags?
    • Recruiters create tags in-order to group profiles under a specific list. The list can be named with skills, projects, location, language etc.
  5. What are Logins?
    • Logins are a way to create sub-users for the employer account by which any number of recruiter logins can be created based on the plan limit. Each login can be given a designation from Recruiter to Global Head.
  6. Where can I update the employer details?
    • Under "Settings - Employer Detail" you can update the Company Description and Logo.
  7. How can I change my password?
    • Change Password is available under "Settings - My Profile". Your password needs to be of minimum 6 characters.
  8. What is My Profile?
    • My Profile is the recruiter’s page where one can view all the information including Recruiter Name, Email address, Phone number, etc.
  9. Where can I find the response(s) to the Job?
    • Click "Jobs" to the responses received against each job posting. Recruiters can view the complete profile.
  10. How do I tag profiles?
    • Recruiters can tag profiles from the responses or candidate profile page using "Add/Remove tags" links