Login Problem

  • How to get an activation link?
  • If your account is not yet activated, get Activation link
  • Forgot password?
  • If you have forgotten your password, Recover your password Make sure the e-mail you entered is correct and that the password is case sensitive
  • User does not exist?
  • You may be using wrong Login page. If you are an employer use the Employer Login page, If you are a candidate use the Candidate Login page.

Company Career Page

  • What is company career page and where do I find it?
  • Company career page is nothing but the list of jobs created, company description, office locations etc. Users can view the page to apply for jobs, follow your company etc. You can find the link in the Dashboard.
  • How can I share my company career page?
  • Once you’ve logged in to your employer account, you can find the share option in your Employer dashboard or on your company career page.
  • How to hide the glassdoor widget in my company career page(About Us page)?
  • By checking the checkbox "Hide Glassdoor Widget" in the Employer Detail page.


  • When does a job post expire?
  • Job post expires after 60 days, but recruiters can still view the responses got for the expired job post.
  • How to close the job post?
  • Unpublish the job post to close them.
  • How many Jobs can I post?
  • There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post, so go ahead and post as many job openings as you want. Also,


  • Explain the different types of Login roles?
  • Every login falls in any one of the following roles, Recruiter, Team lead, Manager, Global Head. Each and every role has a set of permissions. For example, a recruiter or Team Lead cannot edit company information, logo or create logins. But Global Head, Branch Head and Manager roles can perform these tasks.
  • Can we deactivate the primary login?
  • No, you cannot deactivate the primary login.
  • Can we change the primary login?
  • Yes, you can send request to support@ranksheet.com


  • I can’t upload my logo, why?
  • The logo must be in .gif/.jpg/.png format with a maximum size of 1MB.
  • Why can’t I view my employer configuration?
  • If you are a recruiter or a team lead, you are not allowed to view the employer details.

Employer Account

  • Can I close my Employer account?
  • Yes, you can send request from your primary account to support@ranksheet.com
  • How to unsubscribe from promotions / newsletters?
  • You can unsubscribe from our promotion/newsletters either by checking "Unsubscribe promotion emails" and/or Unsubscribe newsletter / new features alert emails" in the My Profile page or by clicking the unsubscribe link in email received by you. We suggest that you do not unsubscribe from our newsletters / new features alerts as we send useful information on new releases and features and this is done a maximum of 4 times/month.

Plans And Limits

  • How do I know my current plan?
  • You can find the current plan in your Employer dashboard.
  • How many logins I can create?
  • It is based on your plan limit . Compare plans
  • What is the procedure to change the plan?
  • You can contact us by Phone or e-mail with your account details.
  • Phone No. +91 44 4511 2001 (9:30 AM to 5:30 PM IST - Monday To Friday)
  • E-mail support@ranksheet.com
  • Our RankSheet executive will assist you to change your plan.
  • How do I Upgrade my plan?
  • Go to the Dashboard page or Plans page, there you can find upgrade to change your plan.
  • Can I change my plan any time?
  • Yes. Go to the Plans page, there is upgrade and downgrade button will show based on your current plan.

Profile Search

  • Is Profile Search free in RankSheet?
  • Employers can search profiles from RankSheet for free without any upfront cost. To view the contact details of the profiles that you are interested in you need to buy Profile Credits
  • What is Profile Search and how do I connect with suitable profiles?
  • Profile Search comes as free in RankSheet. Go to ‘Search’ under Hiring to start search. You can either choose to search from the RankSheet Merit list or Search all the profiles. Add skills, experience and location in order to get matching profiles. You can click ‘Connect’ on the suitable profiles to purchase the profile. If you don’t have enough credits or don’t want to connect with profiles right away, you can also add them to your ‘Favourite Profiles’ and connect with them later.
  • What is the difference between Search Profiles from Merit list and Search all the profiles?
  • Search Profiles from Merit list searches within the list of candidates that have taken online assessments with RankSheet. In Search all the Profiles, you can search all the profiles in the RankSheet resume database irrespective of whether they have cleared RankSheet online assessments or not.
  • Where can I find the profiles that I have connected with?
  • You can find the connected profiles under Connected Profiles.
  • To connect with one profile, how much do I need to pay?
  • To connect with one profile, you need one Profile Credit. Please check our Profile Credits plan to view the cost.
  • I don’t have Profile Credits, can I still search profiles?
  • Yes, you can search profiles even if you don’t have Profile Credits and add the suitable profiles to your Favorite Profiles list.
  • What is the use of Favourite Profiles?
  • When you have insufficient or no Profile Credits, you can add suitable profiles to your Favourite Profiles list. Later when you purchase Profile Credits, you may connect with the Favourite Profiles to view their contact details.
  • Why don’t searched profiles or Favourite profiles don’t have the contact details?
  • The profiles searched from RankSheet profile search don’t have the contact details. If you want to connect with candidate by getting their contact details you need to buy profile credits. Look at our profile credit plans here.
  • What to do if my connected profile(s) doesn’t have proper contact details?
  • We will review your complaint and if found to be genuine we will add complementary Profile Credit(s) to your account. For example if you have purchased 10 profile credits and used them to connect with 10 profiles out of which 2 profiles contact details are invalid, you may request for complimentary credits.

Profile Credits

  • What are RankSheet Profile Credits?
  • RankSheet Profile Credits concept is a pay as you go model to connect with candidates. This module enables you to search all profiles for free and pay to connect with only suitable profiles. Pay only for the profiles that suit your requirement and add them to your connected profiles.
  • Where do I find my available Profile Credit?
  • After you login to your RankSheet Employer account, on the top right corner of the Dashboard, you can find the current plan of your Employer Account, available profile credits and the option to buy more profile credits.
  • Can I buy Profile Credits without logging into my account or even without registration?
  • No, you have to register and login to your Employer account in order to buy profile credits.
  • I couldn’t buy the Profile Credits, why?
  • You may have a pending transaction that hasn’t been approved by the RankSheet administrator yet. You can only have one pending transaction, so wait till the pending transaction has been approved before you buy more Profile Credits
  • What are the payment modes to buy Profile Credits?
  • On approval of your ordered credits, you can pay via bank transfer, cash / cheque deposit into RankSheet's bank account. We are working on other payment options as well.
  • How do I view the usage of my Profile Credits?
  • Under ‘Settings’, you can find your Profile Credit usage. It gives you a detailed report on how many credits you purchased, how many credits you spent on profiles, Top-up history etc.


  • What are Response Pages?
  • Response pages are pages in your dashboard where you can see the responses/profiles of candidates. These can include Job responses, Tagged profiles, Connected profiles and Favourite profiles.

For any other issues, feel free to Contact us